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  • We're doing lots of efforts for custom new features and modifications on Ether Saga Odyssey, as our best gift for ESO fans, ESO Zero will continue and expand the ultimate fun of ESO.
  • Jade Dynasty Noah is dedicated to create a mid-rate, balanced, easy-going, play-2-win, highly customized game server, also will try to hold a relatively democratic community for players with our special add-on systems.
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20180914 CPC Update Changelog

Written by zero on . Posted in Updates

  1. Enable the SSL for safer connection.
  2. Sync login/logout for multiple websites is working now. That means after login in one of our websites with your account, then you can access all the other websites of ours without login (assumes that you already have activated the ID on those “other websites”).
  3. Fix some common bugs.
  4. CPC is now ready for our new incoming game: Jade Dynasty Noah.